What a child’s death tells us

The little girl was defiled twice. When she lived, by the monsters who gangraped, tortured and killed her, and after her death, by our political class, whose cynicism has been truly astounding. You would have to be sub-human to see those two pictures of her and not feel the terror this baby girl would have lived through in the last days of her sadly short life. The whole country felt the pain and the shame of her rape and murder except our ‘leaders’.

Almost no MGNREGA wage payments made in Jharkhand since a month

Stagnant wage rates are not the only rude shock that rural workers of Jharkhand received this month. Most of them also remain unpaid since 8 March 2018 (see Annexure 1). Wage payments have come to a virtual halt across the country. Ninety-nine per cent of the Fund Transfer Orders (FTOs) for MGNREGA wage payments sent to the Public Finance Management (PFMS) in April 2018 remain unprocessed. The bulk of FTOs of the last two months are also yet to be processed–86 per cent of the FTOs of March and 64 per cent of the FTOs of February (see the Annexure 2).